March 21st, 2010


At Gulf Wars

Hear these words and know that they are true of deeds done during the time of Hirsch, Shah-en-Shah and Magdelena, Khanumshah, as they campaigned in the South accompanied by Lions. Before the great fight on the bridge, a youth, son of the Satrap of Boar’s Land, climbed a great mountain to see the foes who would face him that day. Among the host of enemies, well filled with noble warriors, he saw none who would best him in the fight to come. Strengthened by the brashness of youth he took his place in the forefront of troops, ever advancing, save when called back by his companions and commanders. There his spear built for him a pile of dead nearly as tall as the mountain upon which he had stood. Ever eager for the fray, he fought and bested well-seasoned warriors far above his station. With wisdom rare for one of scant years, he would retire beyond the reach of foemen’s spears that he might refill his lungs with air, and fight again with the strength and skill of ten. Seeing all these things, and knowing them to serve well the force which bears the Falcon, Hirsch Shah-en-Shah, with a lift of His Royal Finger, and Magdalena, Khanumshah, with Her arched Eyebrow signaling assent, did present to Xerxes Kantakouzenos the Sword of Calontir on the field of Gulf Wars on the eighteenth day of March in the Forty fourth year of the Society.

Hirsch Magdalena
Shah-en-Shah Khanumshah

The mountain referred to was Half-Troll. In the pre-battle silliness, Xerxes climbed onto Half-Troll's shoulders and threatened the enemy with a spear.

Much of this scroll was actually "written" by Snorri, who gave me many of the specific details. I merely took dictation and prettied it up.

Gulf Wars

I started my trip to Gulf Wars by driving to Albuquerque.
I sold at Outlands Crown Tourney, then turned around and started heading east.
Late Sunday afternoon, I picked up my trailer where I had stashed it in Fort Smith, as well assnailstichr .  We made it to Jackson Sunday night, and on to site Monday noon.  Shop was up by 3 pm, fought in Huscarl/Centurion/Ram Battle.  Set up living tent.

Then I spent many hours working on a redaction of Sarum Rite Mass (in Latin) that I was doing for Duke Max from Meridies for his "Day in the Life of a Squire".  Up till 1:30 am.  Up at 4:45am to do it.  Fought in Town battle Tuesday morning.  More work at shop.  Went on fruitless run for cash.  (Banks in Mississippi close at 4:30.  Universally.  I found that out at 4:35.

Tuesday night I got my first sleep of longer than six hours since Wednesday of the week before.

Wednesday was the Bridge Battle.  Got to charge through disrupted foe.  Little is sweeter.
Calontir Party was that night.  Amya did great.  I got shanghaied into bringing loads of food from her kitchen area back to Calontir.  Late that night, I wrote the Sword of Calontir Text in my previous entry.

Thursday was the ravine battle.  I got most of my war kills for the year.  Crossbow.  Now I can return to honest work.
Court that day and evening was good, a large crop of Fyrdmen, one Huscarl (Aidan o'Shea). 
Moonlight Madness.  Up to midnight selling, then more good times at camp.

Friday was the field battles.  I fought in an unconventional position, extreme righthand scutum.  Anchored the moves, set the pace often.  At one point, I was expecting all of second company to swing like a hammer to my right.  I kept waiting.  Then Ruthardis charged, with his polearm held sideways.  He almost made up for the lack of second company.  snailstichr and I went to the KW Party, schmoozed, nibbled, and wandered home.

Saturday was the Castle Battle.  Again, I shot crossbow.  On defense I fell to Yon from Trimaris, after shooting one in the arm.
On offense I shot a half dozen, and then was picked of by a good long distance shot.  Then came the scutum incident.  I will write on that more later.

With the threat of imminent weather, we packed the shop by 6 and the camp by 9, with only 15 minutes of rain at the end.
Big steak dinner in Hattiesburg, then up the road to a motel short of Jackson.

We left this morning, but upon hearing of snow on the mountain, we wimped and got a motel room in Clarksville.

Home in the morning.