January 17th, 2010


Dolan's Laurel Ceremony

On a cold day in January, in front of a visiting King and two Princes, as well as TRH Calontir, Their Majesties Calontir elevated Baron Dolan Madoc of Harlech to the Order of the Laurel.

I wish to thank everyone who took part in the process, by making, speaking, participating, planning or helping.

In stream of consciousness order,

Their Majesties, for giving me free rein to craft a ceremony fitting of Master Dolan
HL Rolf Hobart, who crafted a wonderful scroll from my text
HL Takahara Otoshi, who organized the Vigil Guard, and helped me immensely through the day
HL Genevieve Darroch, who provided a wonderful table of Welsh food for the Vigil
Mistress Fionnuala inghean Fhearghuis, who painted the wonderful pavisse
Master Pavel Iosevich, in whose shop it was assembled
Mistress Dorcas Whitecap and HL Mathurin Kerbusso, whose work allowed my
song to be effectively taught to the Bards for the ceremony
Mathurin also for his gift of the arrow given him by Mikal the Ram
Seaghdha macRoberd, who transcribed the song as I wrote it and drove to Twelfth Night
Their Graces Martino and Ariel, who by entrusting the tabard of Mikal the Ram to me, allowed me to make Dolan's Vigil even more special. The full story can be read here: http://trimguy.livejournal.com/13171.html
Mistress Hertha Blair of Froggestowe, who made a gift of a section of Master Chidiock's blanket, which became the stems of the Laurel wreathon Dolan's cloak
HL Eleanor Deyeson, who made both a new tunic and the clasp for his Peerage Cloak. Details can be found here: http://eleanor-deyeson.livejournal.com/28065.html
Baroness Kezia, who helped me plot and plan
Mistress Morgana bro Morganwyg, who gave the Laurel Medallion, crafted by Mistress Koshka, one of Calontir's earliest songwriters
All those who spoke at the Vigil and Ceremony
Those of the bardic and archery communities who stood guard at the Vigil and marched and sang in the Procession
HL Richard Bleys, who with no prep time did an excellent job of sightreading the ceremony and scroll text as herald
And of course the wonderful Countess Fionna nic Alisdair, who did all the embroidery on the Peerage Cloak in the three days before the event, sacrificing her own projects for my needs.

I welcome any links to pictures that friends might send.

The various texts will be posted in upcoming entries.

Song for Dolan's Processional

On the Calontir Bardic List a month or so ago, there was a suggestion that the bards sing "Men of Harlech" for Dolan as he entered court.  Though it was well meant, I thought it was much more fitting that he come in to a song that I had written.

I wrote the song on the same piece of road that I was travelling when I wrote the Hymn to the Soup Kitchen last Lilies.

The lyrics can be found behind the cut.


Collapse )

 Mistress Dorcas can be heard singing the song here:


My thanks to Dorcas and Mathurin for their recording work, and Seaghdha macRoberd who transcribed it as I drove and wrote.


A letter and gift in court

Mistress Dorcas read the following letter in court during Dolan's Ceremony:

Unto Master Dolan Madoc, on the day of his elevation, do these letters come

Master Mikal Hrapfspa, called The Ram, made this thing.

His great heart is in the wooden shaft, his sharp wit in the steel point, his soaring spirit in the wing feather fletches. He made this as a token, a prize, and gave it as recognition for a bardic service to archery. It engenders both arts, just as you today are recognized as being an exemplar of both arts.

Mikal could not be there for you today. And, for lesser reasons, I could not be there for you today. Please accept this as a gift of love, friendship, and pride in your accomplishments, from both of us.

I remain, in friendship and in service,

Mathurin Kerbusso


Picture links for the ceremony and goodies

All of Seaghdha's photos can be seen here:

Specific pictures can be seen at these links:
Scroll, done by Rolf Hobart
Pavisse, painted by Fionnuala
Cloak, made by myself and Fionna
The stems of the Laurel Wreath were cut from the blanket of MAster Chidiock, a gift of Mistress Hertha.

Tunic, sewn by Eleanor Deyeson
More details here

I welcome other links.