January 1st, 2010


Dolan song

Feather gold through bright sky soars
Talon sharp strikes at the heart.
Prowess shown in far-flung wars
Yeoman skill is proven Art.

Chorus...See the archers yew-bow stringing
... See the ranks of foemen dying
... Hear the bards lead people singing
... See the Falcon golden flying

Touch the hear with song or tale
By true voice make rafters ring
With ancient deeds the folk regale
Cause tribe to now with one voice sing

Who has such talent well combined,
Welshman's bow and bardic skill?
For this the Falcon Crown did find
Peer he's been and ever will.

Well bless'd are we this day to see,
And come we all from far and near
Dolan Laurel henceforth to be
Archer bard of Calontir.