December 17th, 2009


For those keeping track here

This took effect yesterday, but I realized some people were only reading about it here:

To the relief of the Nursing staff in ICU at Washington Regional Medical Center,

Master Pavel has returned home to recuperate in the loving presence of his dachshund pack.

To those who took me at my word that Pavel was being starved, and were conspiring to send him naughty food, I will rephrase an offlist conversation I had with a well-meaning friend:

WMF: What can I do to help? Can I send Pizza? Can I send Gin?

Me: Only if you want to run afoul of his daughter, who wants to see him for this Christmas, and many Christmases to come.

She will bury your @$$ in tons, I say TONS, of kitty litter.
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2009- Format stolen from cathyn

Jan... (New Jersey) snailstichr flies out early next Monday, and I drive home, and prepare to immediately leave for Estrella.

Feb... (New Mexico) Huge props to BDR and CAAbee, who gave up the day to rescue us , and Rhianwylleth and Bohemund, who are putting us up tonight and loaning us their truck so we can get to the war.

Mar...(Missouri) The recurring theme was blood.

Apr...(Arkansas) Have I mentioned how cool my new Bohemund boots are?

May...(Virginia) In this corner, weighing in at 200 Toscanos, the Beast of the East, the Accordion from Concordia, Mah-stah Leeeeam Zaint Leeeeeam.

June...(Arkansas) I am not a man of few words, and I decided to use many of them.

July...(Indiana) Dropped trailer, drove to Walmart for tools, removed fender, replaced tire, and just now replaced burnt out fuse that kept tail lights from working.

August...(Pennsylvania) My helm basically visited a chop shop.

September...(Illinois) I have always said that being a lifelong Cubs fan has been the perfect preparation for being a Calontir bard.

October...(California) The fact that we just saw Zombieland and are going to Disneyland is sheer coincidence.

November...(Tennessee) The Calontir Overland Express rides again.

December...(Missouri) I begged the boon that my apprentice, HL Dolan Madoc, be elevated to Laurel.

Once I noticed that I was covering so many states, I made active attempts to hit a different state for every month.