December 4th, 2009

Old armor

A Song for Constantine

In time lost and ancient came Greek men exploring
A site for great city their duty to find
Gabriel spoke then through shrine Delphic imploring
Wise Byzas made homeland across from the blind.

Chorus: This God-guarded city has stood through the ages
....Preserving Rome's glory and preaching Christ's works.
...She's followed the wisdom of saints and of sages.
...But I'm cursed by cruel Fortune to see her fall to the Turks.

Old Rome ruled the world, her pride in full flower.
Her strength on display where gold eagles were seen.
Our Lady decreed a new seat for our power.
Rome's might and Christ's mercy, combine, Constantine.

The greatest lawgiver saw mobs' fires burning.
"Nike" the cry of the blue and green crowd.
The bearkeeper's daughter, safe refuge was spurning,
Said, "Let purple robes be my burial shroud".

The four great archbishops each ruled o'er his own see.
First among equals was Saint Peter's throne.
But to rewrite the Credo, the Pope demands her'sy.
The Spirit proceeds from the Father alone.

I have the name of the City's great sire.
Eleventh to bear it and also the crown.
His legacy now is rich food for Turk's fire.
The walls blessed by God now come tumbling down.

I'd hazard my own soul to preserve this great city
But will treat not with Latins Byzantium to save.
As I face our last battle I ask not for pity,
But when telling our story say we died charging brave.