November 29th, 2009



You shall bear the Laurel badge this day
For love of singing songs and telling tales
At home hall's hearth or foreign fire.

You shall bear the Laurel wreath on your brow
For shot straight and swift from all your bows
On fields far flung or here in Heartlands.

You shall bear the Laurel when you shoot and sing
With well-learned crafts of Welshmen's fame
And for teaching and training with trust.

You shall bear the Laurel as artist's mark
Adhering to laws of Hywel Dda
Strengthening lore and legend.

You shall bear the Laurel to inspire all
When arrows arch and bolts fly by
Great the prizes gained, the honors brought home.

You shall bear the Laurel for art's love's sake
Whenever voices are raised in victory's anthems
Or defeat darkens our hearts but briefly.

You shall bear the Laurel as a mark of Peer's rights
Granted to you great with skill and knowledge
To show your path was worthy of pursuing.

You shall bear the Laurel, tree beloved of Apollo
Patron of poets, avatar of archers
To prod you further to prove your fitness.

You shall bear the Laurel earned by oathtaking
Between sworn peer and Sovereigns Potent
Furthering art is the fulfillment of fealty.

You shall bear the Laurel forever from this time
As no man may say this was not Our Will
As well Comrades of three Kingdoms were witness.

You shall bear the Laurel by Calon Crown given
Hirsh, His sword swift, Magda, Her mind certain
He King and She Queen of Calontir's Lands

You shall bear the Laurel this day and all others
After the sixteenth of January in the forty-forth year
At Winter's War Camp in Bull's Barony, Mag Mor.

Holiday stuff

We went tosnailstichr 's parents in Hot Springs for Thanksgiving. aspats joined us as well from the bustling Cape.

I had a new set of dietary concerns to work around, limiting my use of dairy, nuts, whole grains, tomatoes, oranges and salt. I had been aware of this for a week or so, but did not fully work out my meal plan beforehand. So Thursday morning was spent shopping. Here were the results.

Roast turkey, seasoned with sage and pepper
Garlic mashed potatoes
Fabulous Cranberry sauce (Cranberries, chopped apples, pears, mangos, and celery with a bag of chopped dried fruit, all simmered in Splenda-syrup)
Spinach panade (saute onions, garlic, mushrooms in EVOO; add frozen spinach. Toast sourdough bread cubes. Layer bread, onion mix, grated swiss cheese, repeat, add chicken broth. Bake.)
Cornbread cranberry stuffing (with onions and mushrooms)
Green beans and mushrooms
Commercial cranberry sauce out of a can

They insisted I stop cooking before pie time. I did the pies on Saturday, using quasi-frozen butter and ice water. Much better crust.

Alas, on Friday, we had a mournful duty. When Spatula, aspats ' black short-haired Dachshund, blind and wracked with seizures, could not be roused with turkey under his nose, we knew it was time to take the final trip to the vet. Fourteen years of love wore him out.

Friday night, we went to see The Men who stare at Goats. Weird, bizarre, quirky. You pick. I enjoyed it.

I stayed home yesterday while the womenfolk went for pedicures and retailcures. I made pies. Last night I wrote a cool scroll text. You can see it at the proper time.

I have one more scroll text to get done and then I will be caught up. When I was offered the assignment, I originally demurred, as it was a culture that I had no background with. The Royal Scribe called me up and laid on enough flattery that I will spend some time researching and writing.

Today, the in-laws had a pork loin for me to roast, and I took the leftover spinach panade and mixed in some wild rice, then stuffed and baked it.

After lunch, the divvying of leftovers, and the short (200 miles) drive home.