November 24th, 2009


I am good for Birka

For those who have been following the kerfluffle on sca_snark: I received a formal email confirming my acceptance at Birka. bernina and ksmanins, start packing. The Calontir Overland Express rides again.

Thanks to all for their good works and support.

Self-Service Meme, Resistance is Feudal

Or pooptastic for bdeb.

I have a case of MDS, Meme Deficiency Syndrome. As I am travelling and thumbtyping on the cellphone, don't expect answers from me until tommorrow afternoon, once the truck is emptied.

1) Choose a question or two that has appeared elsewhere on this meme that has not yet come to you, and gives you a chance to tell a fun, self-revelatory story, and consider it from me. Answer it in my comments.

2) Ask me a question you haven't seen asked before in my comments and wait for me to get home to answer it. 250,000 Drew Carey points for the question that leads to the best story from me.