September 9th, 2009


Return Home to gluttony

I arrived home from my trip out east yesterday at 1:15, and went straight to "Taco Tuesday", a weekly lunch with snailstichr, viviana_rowe, and others.  I proposed to snailstichr that we endulge in "Savor the Flavor", a walking tour of Restaurants on Dickson Street to benefit some lovely charity or another.  (OK, I know it is Faith in Action, but I was not doing it for the charity, but for the food...)

Twenty restaurants in four hours.  Pacing was important.  It was much like an SCA feast.  Don't bloat yourself with bread early (Ken Therriot notwithstanding).

We skipped one, Jimmy John's subs.  Nothing against them, but at more than halfway through the gauntlet, we were waddling enough to need more bread.

  We enjoyed the red pepper soup and hummus at Smiling Jack's Fresh Food, where we had never been.
  Theo's had wonderful slow roasted pork shoulder, and basil martinis.
  The Smoke and Barrel Tavern is a whiskey bar.  We were to get a tasting of three whiskeys each.  Knowing nothing of whiskey, we told the bartender to educate us.  He did a good job with the four pours, showing us a variety of flavors.  We gained an appreciation for the nuance of whiskey, and can appreciate how there is a slice of people who spend their lives in pursuit of the best whiskey, even if we are not the ones to go on that quest.  I may need to take her father there when he next visits.
  Bordino's did Creme Brulee served in a Jewelry store.  Richness in richness.
  Powerhouse:  Lobster Bisque, Crab Rolls, Shrimp and Crab and Artichoke Dip.  Yum
  Teatro Scarpino:  Our first visit back since our wedding.  Gelatto.  Wonderful memories.
   Gullet's Gourmet  a chicken and hot sauce dip was a bit too hot to be appealing.
   US Pizza:  As the last one on the loop, which we got to minutes before the end of the tour, had cold pizza.
  Railhead Saloon: We preferred the space as a Spanish Tapas Bar.
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