August 25th, 2009


Steve Boyd is a deadbeat!

That is Steven G. Boyd of Slidell, LA.

I got another phone call from a credit card company, asking me to pay his debts. I was able to supply them with his middle initial and hometown, because I knew that already. You see, this is the fourth or fifth call that I have received from various credit card companies. One even called my mother in Virginia.

As one who is scrupulous about paying off my credit card balances each cycle (interest is something you earn, not something you pay) I am ticked when I have to deal with this.

But I suppose it is good that they are trying to find him and squeeze the money out of him, the actual debtor.
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A full fall travel season

Thursday morning I leave on the start of a two-weekend trip, covering Atlantian Coronation then Trimaris Coronation (with family time in Blaxburg during the week).

I could write it all out, but here is the short list:  (Each text color represents a single trip)

August 29  Coronation, Atlantia
August 30         Freer Sackler Gallery, at Smithsonian, with Treasures of the Czars exhibit
August 31- Sept 3  Family time with Mom, brother and his wife, and 3 nephews and niece
Sept 4 -6    Coronation, Trimaris
Sept 7         Home              3331 miles

Sept 12        King's Companie of Archers (mainly for Lilies Committee meeting)  528 miles
Sept 19     Calontir Coronation, Lost Moor  My squire brother will become King.  My knight will be there.  587 miles
Sept 25-27  Meridies Grand Tournament
Sept 28-Oct 2  Chicago, visiting with my other brother and mother
October 3   Midrealm 40th anniversary 
October 4-6 Driving to LA
Oct 7- 11  Great Western War 
October 8  pick up
snailstichr at airport
October 12 -13  LosAngeles, including probably Getty Museum, as well as garment district
October 14-15  Sacramento, for
snailstichr  's sister and family
October 16 San Francisco    open for museum suggestions  We hope to eat at the Stinking Rose: A Garlic Restaurant
October 17  Principality of the Mists Coronet Tourney  I hope they will let me peddle my trim.
October 18  Visit friends in San Francisco
October 19  Back down to LA and DisneyLand: drop
snailstichr  at airport
October 20-21  drive home  6166 miles

October 22  Riverdance
October 24  uncertain, but perhaps Bryn Gwlad in Ansteorra or Midwifery Mayhem in Calontir
October 31 uncertain, but perhaps Samhain in Gleann Abhainn, while dropping snailstichr  at aspats 
November 7  Grimfells Renaissance.  It's not Blood of Heroes.   However the truck and trim are going to Ansteorran Coronation with the charming shop girl.
November 14 Crown Tournament, Trimaris
                       week with the family
November 21 Holiday Faire, Atlantia
November 22 perhaps Thanksgiving with family, then drive home   3199 miles
November 28  weekend at home
December 5  Boar's Head, Northshield  1450 miles
December 12  Kris Kinder, Calontir 500 miles
December 19-20  Midwinter, Outlands  1540 miles

So that is 17301 miles between now and Christmas, not counting the uncertain events.