August 17th, 2009


A Pennsic Story

On Monday morning at Pennsic, as the army gathered at the Royal Pavilion to head to the field for the first time, His Majesty held up a Falcon tabard. These were His words, as well as I can remember them:

This is the War Tabard of Master Mikal the Ram. It was sent with us that it might
again be worn by a member of the Calon Host. We could think of no one more
fitting to wear it than Master Andrixos.

I fell to my knees in shock and honor. As Their Majesties removed my standard tabard and replaced it with Mikal’s, I asked if I could also bear the honor of carrying Master Chidiock’s scutum into battle. They agreed that it would be fitting and proper.

Master Hugh Prescott had brought Chidiock’s scutum, and gladly entrusted it to me. As I led the army in song on the march to the field, I felt two voices added to mine.

I have fought in over three hundred battles in the Falcon Host. The battles of that day will endure in my memory.

On Monday evening I spoke to Their Majesties, and They agreed to my plan. Tuesday morning, as we gathered at the Pavilion, I spoke to the Falcon Host:

Yesterday, I was greatly honored to wear Mikal’s Tabard. But song in Calontir is not sung as a solo, but in chorus. It is right and proper that today, this Tabard be worn by the one whose voice has led us in song so often. I would ask that Sir Erich Hlodewechssun wear the Tabard today.

As it turned out, I was not able to take the field on Tuesday, but Ruaidhri ua Ceallaigh bore Chidiock’s Scutum.

Thursday, before the Woods Battle, I spoke again:

As he sings with the Falcon’s voice, and fills our hearts with cheer, I would ask
that Conde Fernando wear Mikal’s Tabard.

And Friday, before the final battles:

Not just in song, but also in poetry, is the Heartland nourished. Rhodri ap Hywel,
please wear the Tabard of Mikal the Ram.

I rejoined the army on the field, fighting again with Chidiock’s Scutum.

At the end of the War, I asked Her Majesty if I was to keep the tabard. She replied that there was no specific plan. I suggest that I keep it, and bring it to future wars, giving it, for a day to other voices of the land in song and poetry.

Master Hugh and I spoke about Chidiock’s scutum. He has agreed to maintain it and bring it to wars. I will endeavor to fight with it at least once each war. I do these things to honor my friends.

A picture of me wearing Mikal’s Tabard, supporting Chidiock’s Scutum, was
taken by Liam.