August 4th, 2009


Pennsic Theft

Some time between Monday evening and this morning my Titanium gauntlets, made by Sir Andrew Ward, and my custom Byzantine helm, made by Duke Tristram, were stolen from the Calontir shade fly on the battlefield at Pennsic. Estimated retail value is $1700.
But that is only part of it due to the fact that Andrew can no longer make the titanium gauntlets.

If any of my friends can post pictures of my helm, or better, a picture of me wearing it, it might help recover it if it were to make it onto Ebay or somesuch.
I will also hope someone can get the notice onto the Armor Archive.

Description: Gauntlets are Andy's current pattern, perhaps visible at The cuff edges are rolled and roped. The right hand finger plate has a noticeable dimple, a bullet "proof mark", from a .22 long rifle. Its coridng is a mix of white leather thong and black para cord.

The helm is a Byzantine style extensively embellished. The main body of the helm is mild steel. The band between the upper dome and lower curtain is stainless, engailed on the upper edge, with 6 stainless discs riveted with brass, as "pearls". The front "joint" of the coronet is covered with an added piece of metal, though I can't remember whether itis brass or stainless. At the top of the helm is a 1 inch ball welded to a 4 pointed star, attached with brass rivets. On the left and right sides of the dome are single piece brass "Christograms", Chi-Rhos, or XPs conjoined. There are also 6 copper blood drops, between the pearls. the entirety of the curtain and most of the horizontal oriented bar grill are covered by a welded chainmail drape, made by Master Knut. The main dome had suffered some rust, but this had mostly been polished out, though theleft side still had some work to do.

I hope to get them back. I have already lost 25% of my war fighting. I hope to not miss more.
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