April 20th, 2009


My first Liam style post

1.  Made it home from from Rites of Spring just after midnight.  Great times, good people.
    I had been suffering through a stomach flu thanks to snailstichr, and was warned during trim set-up that
    strapping myself into armor would not have been a wise choice.  The list areas looked great; alas
    I was not in them.

2.  Last week I got a phonecall out of the blue, from a friend of my one renter who wants to rent the duplex
   half next to her.  I will spend much of this week cleaning, repairing, painting, etc.  Yeah for a step back 
   towards solvency.

3.  This Thursday,  snailstichr and I are heading to Cape to visit with aspats, and see her new place.  I will
    leave Friday night for an event in Memphis, and be back on Sunday for the long ride home.

4.  I have not fought since Gulf Wars.  I was 3/4 armored up last Wednesday when snailstichr called me
   from work to pick her up when illness had overcome her.

5.  Where will I be?
      April 25  Beltaine -Grey Niche
      May 2     Coronation - Cleftlands
     May 9  Coronation-  Outlands
    Nay 14-16  War Practice  Aethelmearc
   May 23  TMT-- Trimaris
6.  Have I mentioned how cool my new Bohemund boots are?
    I must post pictures.