March 29th, 2009


Latest scroll text

The scroll that evil_fionn  slaved over was presented this weekend.

The artwork is described here:
I wrote the text during the Superbowl, and thumbtyped it in to my cell-phone. 

She sure can dress up my words.  But to honor the good Duchess, no effort should be spared.

Within Our Realm are those who work and toil
To build Our strength and show the world Our best.
When strife-filled war stalks Lilies' tranquil soil
Good hostess tends to needs of Royal Guest.

And likewise when Our Sires did urge Crusade
To foreign lands with well-armed Falcon Host.
For joyous fetes must many plans be made,
Preparing groaning boards of which We boast.

From rugged land where settlers carve new homes
Come cries of aid to help them know Our laws.
A gentle Rose who makes clear weighty tomes
Gives strength to Realm and furthers Falcon's cause.

Proclaim Our Royal Will both far and near
That Phaedra bear the Cross of Calontir.

By these words did Luther and Maerwynn elect Duchess Phaedra filia
Roberti into membership within Our Noble Order of the Cross of
Calontir, and grant unto her all ancient rights of that Order.  Done
by Our Hands and seals at the Calontir Jubilee, on the 28th day of
Feb., AS XLIII, in Our Barony of Three Rivers.


A Pelican Ceremony

This weekend was the Pelican elevation for Katrei Grunenberg.

I was given the honor writing the ceremony, with the instruction that it "look like a standard Calontir ceremony".

I followed standard formats, but turned a few nice phrases here and there, appropriate to the recipient.

The recurring theme was blood.

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