February 19th, 2009


Trim on the Cutting Room Floor

Tonight, snailstichr  and I were planning to go see Slumdog Millionaire, which has a certain appeal to me,  for some strange reason.  Minutes before we were to leave, I decided to check Wikipedia for an update of a long awaited (at least by me) movie, Outlander.  I spotted that it had been released on January 23.  It was playing tonight in fabulous Fayetteville, its closing night.  I knew I had to see it.

It had been shot at least two years ago, in Newfoundland and Nova Scotia, among other places.  It stars Jim Caviezel, Ron Perlman, and John Hurt.  So we have Jesus, Hellboy and Mr. Olivander sharing the screen in your typical Intergalactic Space Alien meets the Norse rework of Beowulf.  Through some bizarre movie studio inside baseball, it was released with little fanfare for a short theatrical run.  It barely kisses the screen before going to DVD.

It was good enough, but failed majorly in my one motive for watching it.  You see, two years ago, they ordered a buttload of trim from me.  I had my eyes peeled throughout the movie, but never saw any of it on screen. 

And in the scene of women running from a burning building, I was unable to pick out bernina2000de or her Fera buddy. 

I will be getting the DVD when it comes out, and watching it frame by frame looking for trim, and friends.

My Hollywood debut, on the cutting room floor.