January 26th, 2009


In a hotel in Hackensack

Waiting to leave for the airport to pick up snailstchr. We see Letterman on Tuesday, amidst the snow. The Met for "Art and Love in Ren. Italy", and Bard College for an Embroidery Exhibit on Wed and Thur. Broadway shows to fill the evenings. Friday we drive to Birka.
(BTW, I lost my printout. What time can merchants get on site? Liam, could you check for me?) snailstichr flies out early next Monday, and I drive home, and prepare to immediately leave for Estrella. In the course of 6 days, I will be in all 4 of the "New" states.
The proximate cause of snailstichr's junket? I had some credit card points that were due to expire in April, and buying her a ticket was the easiest thing to do.