December 10th, 2008


Helping out a friend helping out

I sent this letter to the Calon-list yesterday.  I was informed it already has done some good.


Master liamstliam, a Calontiri at heart and occasional denizen of this 
list will be taking a little swim in the bracing waters of an upstate New 
York this weekend, as a fundraiser for Special Olympics.  snailstichr  
and I have pledged our support, and humbly ask you to do the same.

A link with further information is here:

But why, you ask, should this one charitable opportunity be deemed more 
worthy than the so many other opportunities?  Why is this one being 
trumpeted about the Calontir list?  One small reason beyond the great 
nobility of the cause might spur you to action, as it did me.  Let any 
of those so named be so moved.

The simple reason:  He named his team "Agni Dentati".

For those unaware, Agni Dentati is "field Latin" for "sheep with teeth". 

(It actually is lambs with teeth, but neither Oves dentati, nor lambs 
with teeth sound as funny.)  It is part of my soldier's Latin lesson,
a riff I use to fight pre-battle boredom.

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