November 4th, 2008


On this day of days...

To begin with, I will state emphatically that my intent is to remain non-partisan
in this essay, while acknowledging that I will return to being partisan after I 
hit the post button.

On Saturday, as we gathered to choose our future leaders through a peculiar means
and method, I had a revelation.  In the entrance hall near troll, well hidden through
the day, but uncovered during clean-up, were the voting booths and machinery awaiting
their appointed purpose today.  I joked with a few passersby, suggesting, "Let's
enjoy a purely medieval moment.  Let's destroy voting equipment.  Those darn
peasants shouldn't have a voice."

Of course it was a joke, but one that causes deep thought.  We within the SCA revel
in the dichotomy of a feudalist hobby in a democratic society.  We enjoy surrendering
the power to lead us because in the long run, it does not materially impact our 
lives, all due deference to Their Majesties past, present, and future.

Not so today.

Franchise has been long held as one of the knightly virtues.  It is the one most
argued over when the virtues are "translated" into the modern and SCA 
world.  The original sense was "Frankishness", essentially racial purity.
Clearly this doesn't work for us.  The most common current interpretation within
the SCA is some form of "appropriate noble bearing", which of course must
be balanced with humility, another praiseworthy virtue.  Or perhaps it means that
a knight has the right to open a McDonald's restaurant.  Confusion abounds.

But the modern world gives us another meaning to Franchise:  the right to vote.

Display your Chivalric Virtue.  Go exercise your Franchise.

Go Vote.


PS:  And now for the obligatory:
Democracy:  Your vote counts.
Feudalism:  Your Count votes.
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