November 3rd, 2008


A Laurel Ceremony and a Scroll Text

This weekend, in addition to being at the wedding of a dear friend that I have known since she was three days old, I was also able to participate in the Laurel Ceremony of another dear friend that I have worked closely with over the past six years.

evil_fionnposted this on October 20, about the time that I needed to start writing the Laurel Ceremony. Without realizing it, she had given me exactly the inspiration that I needed. I initially thought I would do the full double-reverse drx by recasting it into SCA-secular peerage ceremony-appropriate form in Anglo Saxon verse forms. I spent an hour trying out some of the possibilities, but gave up on that.

I wanted to include the four "primary sponsors", Duchess Susannah, Master Kaz, snailstichrand myself, the other Laurels from her home group, and other close friends drawn from a list supplied by her. There were four badges of rank to be given, as well as statements from three bestowed peerages, a royal peer, and a member of the populace. All of this had to be worked into the sevenfold virtues of the artist. I immediately discarded Theophilus' order, in favor of the order required by the progress of the ceremony. I expanded most of the discussions of the virtues to inlude the implied SCA application. I decided to include his conclusion as the form of the dubbing. I will let you judge the success of my efforts. You may read the ceremony here..
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Her Scroll Text was based on the begging announcement, expanding each of the descriptions of art. My thanks to Duchess Alethea for for patience in waiting for it to be worked out. The scroll text is below this Collapse )

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