October 29th, 2008



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Catching Up

I always thought I would be bad at this, as writing in the LiveJournal is often the last priority when I have other things to deal with.
I have indeed had many other things to deal with. 

I left for Gatalop only an hour behind schedule last Thursday, which counts as "on time" in my book.  When I got there just after midnight, I saw whitecaps in Mobile Bay, and winds of 30+ miles per Hour even within the shelter of the Fort.  I shared some beer with Their MAjesties Meridies and His Grace Ailghenon.  Very quickly, I was roped into doing Court.  Rent must be paid on my coronet.  I got crash space within a bastion, and woke up Friday morning to do set-up.  The wind was just as bad.  I decided that the wind would wreak total havoc on my stock, and that I could not risk the chaos that would ensue.  I told Sir Baras, the merchant autocrat that I was going to find another event.  After all I had all day to drive to get wherever I would be going.

Since cell service on Dauphin Island was so spotty for me, I drove into town for breakfast.  I decided that the best event for sales and attendance that would not mess up the upcoming schedule was East Kingdom Crown.  Hey, it was going to be in New York, that can't be too far away, right?  My atlas was buried in the van, so I calledsnailstichr , asking her to get in touch with liamstliam to see if he could help me get set up.  Then I asked the beloved wife to calculate the mileage to the event.  Merely 1400 miles.  If I drove straight through, I would get there at 11am Saturday.  Straight through, after already having driven 680 miles.  Suddenly, the wind didn't seem so bad.  A big breakfast helped me regain composure.  Back out to the island.

I set up the tent Friday afternoon, helped improvise a barrier out of trim display hardware for a class on Pas that was being taught, crossed the bridge for a great fish dinner, and returned to site.  Saturday was a fun day, but only fair sales.  Court went well, working for an old friend, with whom I knew I had enough room to work.  Sunday was sent packing, and driving.  I got to within 50 miles of home before I had to pull over for a power nap of three hours.  I made it home in time to kiss the snailstichr before she went to work.  I worked on a paper due for my history class, and started on the Peerage Ceremony for evil_fionn</lj> , and worked on trim orders. More of the same on Tuesday, and today I finished the ceremony.  I am happy with how it turned out.  It has a nice surprise for evil_fionn .  Now all I have to do is pack for a wedding and a peerage.