October 19th, 2008


Breaking my silence

I have been quiet for a while, all to further a conspiracy of which I was a ringleader.
The results of the conspiracy can be viewed here http://evil-fionn.livejournal.com/20694.html
Since Lilies, I have had the suspicion that the blessed event would be happening in this time frame, and I had a few schedule issues that were involved also.  All the gory details follow.
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Old armor

Upcoming plans

On Thursday morning, I leave for Gatalop.  Held in an authentic fort on Mobile Bay.  I enjoyed it the other time I was there.

Thursday of next week, I drive to St. Louis, fly to Las Vegas, attend the ballet, fight in a tourney, attend a wedding, dance at the reception, catch a redeye back to St. Louis, and attend Crown tournament, where[info]evil_fionn will be on vigil for her elevation later that night.

The next week is Crown in Gleann Abhann, then Crown in Trimaris, then Holiday Faire in Atlantia.

Kris Kinder, Boar's Head and al-Barran Midwinter close out the year.

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