October 1st, 2008


My travels of late

On Wednesday of last week, I took snailstichr  up to KC to fly out to her embroidery weekend at Plimouth Plantation.
You can get some idea of what she was doing, go here http://www.plimoth.org/embroidery-blog/
I left Friday, much later than planned (surprise, surprise) so got to my hotel room at 5:30 in the morning.  The motel had canceled my room reservation at 4:45, and could not give me a room until they were done with their computerized audit.  I went across the road to Knight's Inn and was asleep 14 minutes later.

Midrealm Coronation was at a large high school, with activities scattered.  Merchants were in an out of the way gym, with no traffic flow.  There were 5 of us.  Few Customers.  Sales 40% of goal, but my best effort since Pennsic. 

My friend Sir Kyppyn was announced for a Pelican, and I took time to visit his vigil.  He will be elevated at Crown, but I will miss it.

I saw JP and Gillian, and Aline, the Mooneschadin now resident in Grimfells.  They explained that Her Majesty was originally from Moonschadowe as well, which explained their presence.

Packed up during evening court and grabbed dinner.  Collapsed in my motel room, but woke up to see the opening and debate sketch on SNL.

Sunday headed west, stopping to see a movie, Lakeview Terrace.  Fair to slightly good.  Samuel L was strong and believable, if the story was a bit stretched.

Crashed Sunday night in STL at Fernando and Lyriel's and had a long ranging discussion with him.  Went to KC on Monday and recorded several tracks of my songs with Mathurin's sound project.  These will not be for public consumption as I plan to eventually cut a CD for sale.  Listening to myself with high quality equipment convinces me I need to polish my voice a bit, though general physical conditioning, voice lessons, and closer attention to the finer points of technique.

Picked up snailstichr</lj> at the airport and crashed with Mathurin and Lorraine.  We headed home in the morning after breakfast at Mimi's Cafe, our new favorite breakfast place.