September 10th, 2008

Lilies in garb

Oh, what a day.

This morning, the only tenants we have stopped by and said their refrigerator had quit.  At least we have ones not being used in the other two apartments, so we do not have to buy one immediately.

Upon my return from lunch, I found standing water around my water meter, symptomatic of a broken waterline.  This has happened twice before in our tenure here.  I spent an hour digging and bailing, while waiting for the City water people to come out and check the meters.  It may be that it is just a groundwater seepage issue, but I doubt it.  The yard is a sponge, and we had Gustav remainders much of last week.   The standing water did not appear until today.

So even after a shower, I smell a bit brackish.  I am still waiting for the City guys to come out.  Only then can I contact the plumbers who replaced the water line two years ago.  All of this is on snailstichr  's birthday.  She is hand-stitching like crazy to get something ready for Coronation, so we will put off the fancy dinner until next week.

Looks like rain for fighter practice.