September 2nd, 2008


Riffs on Palin

First of all, in my attempt to prove that I could be the next David Letterman, jokes suitable for latenight TV I came up within minutes of the two announcements:

Friday, as she was announced:  Governor Palin, how many igloos do you own?

Monday, as the pregnancy and and impending wedding were announced:  And the best man will be Dick Cheney.  He wants one final use for that shotgun.

Now more seriously:

I can acknowledge that there are many reasons for John McCain to be entranced by the "ideal" of Sarah Palin, in terms of her background, positions on issues that solidify his appeal to the Right, initial story as a maverick reformer, and so on.  As often is the case, the ideal clashed somewhat with the actuality.

The spokesmen for John McCain have said they did a complete investigation on the background of Sarah Palin.

We have two choices in reacting to this statement.  One possibility is that it is a lie.  That says something to the American people.
The other choice is that it is the the truth.

Assuming they did tell the truth about the process, there are two ways to evaluate the results of their investigation.
One possibility is that they were incompetent in their investigation.   This is a reasonable possibility, as the local Wasilla paper, which apparently does not maintain an online archive, mentioned that no one had requested access to their morgue prior to the weekend (thus post announcement). 

The other possibility is that all of the issues associated with the good governor had been uncovered.  Presented with this information, John McCain chose her regardless, or even, because she had the issues clouding her.  If this is the case, I admire the strength of his convictions, if not the wisdom of his choice.

John McCain insists that this is the fully vetted candidate that he says is his electoral soulmate. 
There is more than enough to question his judgement on this issue without needing to refer to the pregnancy matters.

A last point to consider:  at Friday's announcement, Bristol carried baby Trig and held her throughout (OK, I will admit that I have not reviewed the whole tape.) the announcement and speech in a  frontloading babycarrier.   Quite literally, Bristol, presumably at Sarah's direction, used Trig to physically conceal her own pregnancy.