August 22nd, 2008


Plans for this weekend

So juggling between sub-par cars, tight schedules, desires to mark milestones of friends and a touch of guilt for not working a second weekend in a row, here is the plan.
snailstichr and I will leave tonight, crash in KC, and in the morning attend the funeral for Mikal the Ram.  We will then continue our trip and ty to make it to Mag Mor in time for Nicollette's Pelican ceremony, and continue the wake up there.  Then Sunday we will driv back home.  No doubt we will stop at the Valentino's breakfast buffet in Nebraska City, as we so often do.  MAybe even Home Fabrics on the way home.

The van has a wonky transmission, having been gently coddled on its way home from Pennsic.  I have not even fully unpacked it.  The Saturn has a bad throttle position switch and cooler relay switch, plus 15 codes.  The Escort is too damn small to take anywhere with anything resembling camping gear.

Then there is the tale of Lawnmowers.  My lawnmower needed to go into the shop again, so I borrowed Pavel's.  It would not start.
I bought another one (as theorhetically, the other duplex should have one independent of mine, as it is an LLC).  Jst after I had use it to mow most of the yard, I got a call that my original mowerwas ready to pick up, which I can't do because of sub par cars.  All of this was sparked by a love ote from Code Enforcement about the height of my grass.

Tile work is proceeding on the duplex next door.  Our ad to rent out he places has received no interest or response.  UARK starts o Monday, so people have their housing arranged for that.  I am property rich, if cash poor.  Anyone wnt to move to Fayetteville?