August 18th, 2008


For Mikal

"A monument more lasting than bronze".

So spoke a poet of my people on the value of a poet's words.

We, who are to our marrow, people of word, of song, of story, are lessened by his
Yet, we may, and must, continually re-enrich ourselves, and our kith and kin, and
most certainly our kinder, with the treasures overflowing from Mikal's purse
of words, and stories, and joys.

My last memory of him shall be seated in the shade of Goatwood at this Lilies last,
one-eyed, casting the lots.  Through his generous interpretations, many were allowed
to seek further joy of combat.  O, that we could so cheat death when truly it mattered.

Mikal, my friend, your audience pauses silently and in awe as you have brought your
story to its end.  We take comfort in your love of telling it, but, as always, are
left hungering for more.

In Braggi's hall, called also the Symposium, and the Pilgrimage to Canterbury,
give my warmest greating to Homer, and Virgil, Snorri and Geoffrey, Giovanni and
Sir Thomas, and likewise Will and J.R.R.  They are waiting for you, ready to share
stories and hear more of yours.

I pledge to echo your spirit and your love of the people in my words henceforth.
As your voice has grown silent, we must all sing a bit louder when the chorus comes