August 14th, 2008


Back from Pennsic

Pennsic was a great time, as it always is, but better than usual.

I had arranged for my charming shop girl to come down to Grimfells on the opening day of the war. Saturday morning she, snailstichr and I went to Mooneschadowe for Ansteorra's Crown Tourney. Good sales there, a nice bonus for starting out the war.  We went to Eskimo Joe's for dinner.  Sunday was packing day.  It took all day, and then some.  We drove to Saint Louis for Sunday night sleep.

Arrived Pennsic Monday night about 10 pm.  We knew shopgirl's boyfriend and my apprentice were 2 hours behind us, so we quickly set up the trim tent RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF CALONTIR'S Courtyard.  An hour later, one of the land agents woke up to use the box, and politely asked what the hell we were doing there.  (As the original Calontir Land Agent, I get a little slack now and again.  Here I used it to make funny joke.)   Belanna was roused.  I imitated a dweeb, asking permission to keep my lovely camping spot.  She came out of her tent, at which point I promised to move in the morning.

We set up the first trim tent, my living tent and my protege's tent in the morning, and then found out the protege was arriving that afternoon.  He was on leave from the sandbox.  He got the chance to carry out the ultimate Pennsic experience:  arriving "naked" with a big wallet, and fully equip himself from the merchants on site.  He was mainly after armor, and scored well.  Arrangements had been made for the loan of a basic kit, but he dropped some coin on gauntlets, a riveted chain shirt, and gambeson.  Many thanks to Larmer fr taking care of the loaner gear.

He drank heavily that night, the first time in quite a while.  Stories were told.  I hope he got his boots off.

More later

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