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More Pennsic tales

The first Calontir awards were given on July 29, AS XIII.  From this date comes the basis of Calontir culture.  To commemorate this at Pennsic, 

rhodri2112 and the Atlantian fyrdman vowed to fight thirty fights apiece on the anniversary of the Fyrd. Sir William of Bellwood,  one of the first four Fyrdmen, visited with them in camp that day to wish them luck.  rhodri2112 had vowed to fight 40, as he had just celebrated his 40th birthday.  Well, it was a very hot day, the Atlantian fyrdman's gauntlet failed, as did his companion's constitution.  They left the field having fought more than thirty fights between them.

The next night, I, Huscarl #100 and Huscarl #104 decided to celebrate the anniversary of the Iren-Hirth in a similar way.  Between the three of us we pledged to drink thirty beers for the thirty years of Huscarls, plus an extra one each, since we were a day late.  Charming shopgirl and rhodri2112 accompanied us on our chosen rounds.  We lapped the lake.  Our mission was accomplished, thanks to the hospitality of our hosts.

No much work was accomplished the next morning or afternoon.

On Friday, snailstichr called me to say one of our tenants had move out, having left the place trashed and roach infested.  Today I start the repainting.  The tile guy will be in on Tuesday.  Carpets are a waste of money with tenants.  My dreams of being a mini Donald Trump are evaporating with two units out of three empty, and college students having settled in.


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