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Trim Schedule

I have fallen behind on my posting here.  This is my schedule through the end of the year:  T equals Tentative

6 Sept Crown Tourney Atenveldt
13 Sept Coronation Northshield
20 Sept Triumph of Eclipse Ansteorra
27 Sept Meridian Grand Tourney Meridies
4 Oct Crown Tourney Artemisia
8-12 Oct Great Western War Caid
18 Oct Crown Tourney Midrealm
25 Oct Hail the Striking Falcon Calontir
1 Nov Crown Tourney Atlantia   T
8 Nov Ducal University/Reninger’s Trimaris
15 Nov Sicilian’s Revenge Aethelmarc
19-22 Nov Bordermarch Autumn Melees Ansteorra  T
6 Dec Magna Faire Meridies  T
13 Dec Kris Kinder Calontir
20 Dec al-Barran Midwinter Outlands


Laurel Scroll for Nicolas L'Anguile

I was most pleased to travel to Gleann Abhann this weekend past for Candlelight Camp, and the elevation to the Laurel of
Baron Nicolas L'Anguile, who dwelt awhile in Grimfells.

In River’s Vale, Gleann Abhann called, King Uther reigns as Sovereign,
And by his side Queen Brigit sits, alike in royal station.
The Argent Ram, whose Crowns They wear, has blessed this land with bounty:
White-girded Knights, by fealty bound, preserve the Kingdom’s Borders,
The Pelicans, who serve the Realm, do daily fight disorder,
But this day’s theme is artisans, who fill Our Land with beauty.
Since ancient times a Laurel wreath has marked the brow of crafters,
Whose scholarship and teaching skill provide broad inspiration,
And by their works of pen, and saw, and likewise nimble needle
Do fill the land with treasures rich the glory of Our Kingdom.
When one has mastered diverse skills, and shared them with Our People,
And bears himself with noble mien, and serves as fine example,
It is Our Royal Right and Will to recognize with Peerage
That all might see and all might know his value to Gleann Abhann.
A tailor skilled, a scholar sage, who served Our Royal grandsire
And by his raiment stakes his claim to Laurel’s leafy circlet.
The Baron Nicolas L’Anguile has knelt before his Sovereigns,
There vestments donned and warnings heard, and fealty oath did offer.
We name him Peer and Laurel true and bid him pray continue
To do such things and craft such works as brought him to Our notice.
From this day forth he badges bears and holds his arms by Patent.
His fire-steels shall send forth sparks of learning through the Kingdom.
We name him Peer, his rank increase, and grant him Royal License
To capture eels and elvers young and sell them in the markets,
And gift each year ten els of cloth, of finest silken damask.
These things we do the last of May, in Small Grey Bear’s fine holdings,
In year the ninth and fortieth, since first Our days were numbered.

Uther                                    Brigit
King                                       Queen

County Scroll for Anton

While looking up something else, I realized that while I had posted Isabeau's County scroll here, I had not yet posted Anton's.

In interest of fairness.

We exalt now Our Kingly father, who flew as a Falcon,
Lithe Dancer in Battle, in every way regal,
Firm steward of Calontir, the gold-giving Anton,
His eyes ever watchful, seeing good in all subjects.

From Black-Star land came he, but so well learned our ways,
That only those with memory sharp knew him as other
Than true-born, purple-blooded son of the Heartland.
His noble deeds did prove he bore the Falcon's keen eye.

We exalt him for his true holding to true calling,
For as Our King Law-wise was he, and full counseled.
He held peers' words and thegns' as valued as bright gold,
And not even the smallest need escaped his eyes' gaze.

When at summer's start all did gather a Lilies' Lake,
Tradesmen and guild did raise red sword one to the other.
He let squabble play out as long as was seemly and merry,
Then invoked Royal Peace, lest eye be taken for an eye.

We exalt him as war-leader, who skimmed over waves of foe-blood
At ancient war-plain, made sacred by annual pilgrimages.
Woe to the Tyger, when facing the Falcon war-lusting.
His eyes set on Honour, the prize dearer than base Vict'ry.

We exalt Anton Raghelan, who served as King 'til this day.
We exalt Anton Raghelan, recognizing County's achievement.
We exalt Anton Raghelan, with gold 'battled brow-ring.
We exalt Anton, and pray to see through eyes clear as his.

By these words do We, Luther and Maerwyn, newly and rightly crowned King and Queen of Calontir, recognize Anton Raghelan as one who has ruled this Our Kingdom, and take joy in proclaiming his Comital rank and rights from this thirteenth day of September in the forty-third year of the Society ever onward.  

Scroll Text: Duncan of Skeene's Huscarl

In honor of my friend Duncan, who was invited into the Chivalry this weekend.

Fernando the Falcon and Lyriel, Lily,
Standing again at the Crossroads of Fate,
Enfolded and guarded by Calontir's Levy -
We stand at full ready to guard Phaedra's Gate.

Great is the power of the proud Falcon War Host,
Soldiers well trained who Our valour uphold,
With axes and scutums, greatsword and long spear,
Through weapons of warfare true glories unfold.

Yet in battle's peril a strong shield is needed,
A stout oaken shaft and keen bright axe blade.
Heart of the Heartland now calls Its protectors -
We summon the Huscarls by Our Ancestors made.

But still in Our war host their stands such a soldier
Well stocked with death blows - Wise in war's ways.
Our grand-dame's protector, a far traveled veteran,
Worthy of honor  - To the Hirth him We raise

Spiller of wound-dew, none best him in war-lust,
Fiercest in slaughter, this feeder of crows.
We Grant Arms and crossed axes to the sharp tongued Duncan
Called Skeene for his homeland, grim bane of Our foes.

Round his neck do We place now this badge of the Order,
And Grant to him always such privilege and right
As held since the first days by the Iren Hirth's warriors -
Well earned by their prowess, their valour, their might.

But with such advancement their comes also duty
To guard well Our borders against highlander's raid.
He must raise up a stone keep and a strong string of towers,
And send us nine coins of ten of the tolls that are paid.

By our seals we confirm it - his Lordship's high honour
On the seventeenth of February, the year XXXV.
On the sands of Estrella in Atenveldt's homelands
As Duncan has striven so shall we all strive.

Fernando the Falcon and Lyriel Lily.
Standing again at the Crossroads of Fate,
With Duncan of Skeene enrolled as a Huscarl
We stand now full ready to guard Phaedra's Gate.

Fernando Lyriel
Rey Reine

Calon Cross scroll for Neathery of Safita

At Gulf Wars, the following was presented:

In Calontir, the Falcon Land, Martino reigns as Sovereign,
With wisdom clear and mercy just he makes the realm to prosper.
And by his side stands Ariel, the flower of the Kingdom
Whose belt of white and Laurelled brow bespeak her as full worthy.
But each of them served well the Realm, before their Royal Crowning.
And thus they know the long hours spent by all the Kingdom’s servants.
Within the realm was such a jewel, a treasure of the Heartland
Who lived in town of Safita, where summer burned like smithy.
Beneath the Crac de l’Ospital she built a place of learning
She summoned all the well-taught minds and students soon did follow
For year on year the learning bloomed and came forth many scholars.
Academy, Bright Falcon named, did fill the land with sages.
And so she did in Lily-lands, where summers likewise smoldered.
But scholar’s robes she’ll put aside when other tasks need tending,
Our summer war, which all enjoy, was aided by her guidance.
Her pen and brush too serve the Realm, producing Royal Charters.
By all these deeds her worth is known, and held up as example
For all to see and follow well, and note a realm’s true servant.
So as the Falcon flew to War, unbound by hood or jesses,
The Royal Pair, the King and Queen, did call this worthy forward.
“O, Neathery of Safita, We praise you in Court Royal,
And mark you with the Calon Cross, sign equal of your labors.
Join now this group who daily toil, for benefit of Kingdom,
And let none bar you from their ranks, lest they should see our anger.”

By these words did Martino and Ariel, King and Queen of Calontir create Neathery of
Safita a Companion of the Cross of Calontir, conveying to her all rights, duties and
responsibilities, on the 13th day of March, AS XLVII, while on campaign in Glenn Abhann.

This was done in Byzantine "City Verse" (my term for Political Verse).
Neathery has excavated at Safita, which is near the castle now known as the Crac de Chevallier.

Current travel schedule

So I leave tomorrow for the eastern (including Eastern) trip.
Here is what I have lined up for the near future.  Remember, events in the future are more uncertain than they appear.

18 Jan   Twelfth Night, Ayreton, Middle
24-5 Jan  Birka, Stonemarche, East
1 Feb   Kingdom A&S, Bright Hills, Atlantia
8 Feb   Lion's Tourney, Oldenfeld, Trimaris
15 Feb  Val Day, Three Hills, Middle
22 Feb  Dance and Music Symposium, Bryn Gwlad, Ansteorra
24 Feb-2 Mar, Estrella War, Atenveldt
8-15 Mar, Gulf Wars, Glenn Abhann
22 Mar, perhaps Haire Affaire, Falcon's Keep, Northshield, perhaps Advent of Al-Hamal, Steren Cordha, Middle, perhaps somewhere else.  Suggestions?
29 Mar, Crown, Wyvern Cliffe, Calontir
5 Apr, Coronation, ???, Meridies
12 Apr, Feast and Martyrdom of Saint Rhianwen, Standing Stones, Calontir (No Trim)
19 Apr, Uncertain, Open for Suggestions
25-27 Apr Figments and Filaments, www.figmentsandfilaments.com Costuming Con in Kansas City
3 May, Uncertain, Open for Suggestions
10 May, maybe Coronation, Unser Haven, Outlands
17 May, Uncertain, Open for Suggestions, Maybe Crown, Vulcanfeldt, An Tir
22-25 May, Uncertain, Maybe Potrero, Calafia, Caid, maybe Crown, Trimaris (if they have things figured out by then)
31 May, Uncertain, Maybe Eldern Baronial, Ansteorra
7 Jun, Uncertain, Maybe Highland Wars, Ered Sul, Atenveldt
13-21 Jun, Lilies War, Calontir
28 Jun Uncertain, Maybe Field of the Cloth of Gold, Artemisia
1-6 Jul, An Tir West War
12 Jul,  Coronation, Lost Moor, Calontir
19 Jul  Uncertain, Open for Suggestions
27 Jul-8 Aug, Pennsic

So six plus months in advance.


Express Text

At Twelfth Night, I was approached by the Chamberlain, asking me to attend upon Their Majesties in Their Privy Chamber.
They needed a scroll text for court in an hour and a half.

Here is what I managed...

Fierce roll the dark clouds
Bringing doom to our foemen.
Black are the omens
For all those who oppose Us.
Our warhost is hewn
With the axes of huscarls
Unknowing of limb's pain
Once battle begins.
The lithman's axe crashes
Like swift strike of lightning,
Drawing all eyes to witness
What has been laid low.
When huscarls charge forward
Their roar is like thunder,
Death-dealing deep rumble,
The last sound slain foes hear.
Who of Our warhost
Is unflinching in tempest?
Which of Our soldiers
Brings foemen such fear?
Who should be trusted
With axes and duties?
Whose task as a huscarl
Is to guard Calontir?
Kneels now before Us
One worthy of honor
By battle's prowess,
His arm-strength did shine.
Conr Stumaere,
The Whirlwind of Melee.
Conr Sturmaere,
Whose sword stroke is lightning.
Conr Sturmaere,
Who roars warlike thunder.
Conr Sturmaere,
Be a Huscarl this day.

By these words did Damien and Issabell King and Queen of Calontir induct Conr Sturmaere
into the Order of the Iren Hirth, confirming all ancient and associated rights, responsibilities,
and badges conferred by law and custom on this the fourth day of January in the 48th year
of the Society in Our Barony of Lonely Tower.

Damien Rex   Issabell Regina

Without time to do research, I went with the baseless supposition that "Sturmaere" was etymologically related to "stormy".
I still haven't checked to see if it is the case, but it worked for the text.


Two Scroll Texts

This weekend, my former Apprentice, Dolan Madoc of Harlech, and his lady Kezia von Holzenhaus stepped down as Baron and Baroness of Lonely Tower.
I had the opportunity to write their retirement texts, a Court Baronage for him, but as she already had a Court Baronage, she simply received a writ of retirement.

Once again, I checked out Jenny Rowland's Early Welsh Saga Poetry from the UARK library (I think I am the only one who checks it out.) and used it for my model.

Removed from the head is the Coronet.
From snowy locks intended for younger, darker hair,
As years and seasons turn, so barons and kings.

Lifted from the head is the Coronet.
Three years of serving by leading,
Led by seven pair royal crowned heads.

Taken from the brow is the Lonely Tower Coronet.
As it was in earliest day, to replaced with Laurel wreath,
Return in full to your songs, quarrels and tales.

Pulled from the head is the Crownlet of the land.
Hosts were led not with sword,
But bow and shaft, which slew many foes.

Doffed from the head is the Golden Coronet,
Lesser Crown of Greater Crown.
Marking ruler of Baronage, First Subject of King.

Withdrawn from the head is the browband of power
Its strength was your people
Its rule-right was your King.

Snatched from the head is the band of Unig Twr
For use by the successor,
Your term is well completed.

Dislodged from the head is Lonely Tower’s burden.
Grateful are your people, and Kings
For three long years of service.

Raised from the head is the Gold Coronet
To make room for silver,
The mark of service given and leisure gained.

Withdrawn from the head is the Coronet,
No longer Lonely Tower’s  Baron,
But ever in court Calontir.

Bared is the head of Coronet,
Making room for new journeys,
Go forth, Dolan Madoc, Court Baron henceforth.

By these words do We, Damien and Issabell, King and Queen of Calontir,  create Dolan Madoc of Harlech a Baron of Our Court, investing him will all ancient rights, including the use of a Coronet of Silver, surmounted by six pearls, from this fourth day of January in the forty eighth year of the Society, in Our Barony of Lonely Tower, which he did lately rule in Our name.

We Damien and Issabell, by grace of sword and strength of inspiration King and Queen of Calontir, confess and make known to all mankind, the great high esteem and parental love in which We hold Kezia von Holzenhaus, from whom We have most recently lifted the burden of serving among Our First Nobles as Our Baroness of Lonely Tower.   While We have granted her peace and retirement from all attendant duties, We are restricted from granting her the traditional and expected Baronage of Our Court, well earned through her deeds, as Our Most learned and wise Predecessors, Eringlen and Eleanor, saw fit to do so in ancient days.  Therefore, We double all land holdings originallygranted  in those days and command this Baroness to assemble all legal documents pertaining thereto and present them to Us two weeks hence for further adjudication.

Damien                  Issabell
Konig                     Konigen

For twenty years, Dolan and Kezia have advanced in rank, holding between them four Grants of Arms, two Court Baronages and a Peerage, and yet in none of the scrolls attached to them were they given any land holdings, as is so often the custom in Calontir scrolls at this level.  Their string of bad luck continues.  Kezia's retirement writ allows her to double her holdings of nothing, and is useless as it commands her to present documentation a week after Coronation....

BTW, I miscounted.  They had served as Baronage of Lonely Tower for four years.

Newest travel schedule

My brother,  still sore about the Bartman game, wanted me to post something to knock that post off the top of my feed, so here is my travel schedule for the next few months:

Dec  14, Kris Kinder, Forgotten Sea, Calontir
Dec 21, Midwinter, al Barran, Outlands
Jan 4, Twelfth Night, Lonely Tower, Calontir
Jan 11, Coronation, Forgotten Sea, Calontir, Tentative for trim
Jan 18, Twelfth Night, Ayreton, Midrealm
Jan 25, Birka, Stonemarche, East
Feb 1, Kingdom A&S, Bright Hills, Atlantia
Feb 8, Lion’s Tourney, Oldenfeld, Trimaris, Tentative
Feb 15, Val Day, Three hills, Midrealm
Feb 22, Bonwicke Artisan, Bonwicke, Ansteorra  Tentative
Feb 24-Mar 1, Estrella War, Atenveldt
Mar 8-15  Gulf Wars, Gleann Abhann
Mar 22  Hare Affair, Falcon’s Keep, Northshield, Very Tentative
Mar 29 Crown, Wyvern Cliffe, Calontir


A Laurel Ceremony

snailstichr was elevated to the Laurel at Lilies, five years ago.
Herald:          O come now, Laurel College, all learnéd and sage.
          May you speak with the wisdom that comes with your art.
          By your hands are created the works of past age.
          Your High Sovereign and Consort would hear from your hearts.

          I am Christaen Jannsen who shapes clay by hand
          And as long as I’ve labored in southernmost shire
          Has there been too an artist, a prize of our land
          By the worth of her handwork she lifts herself higher.

          I am Liriel, Laurel, whose stitching brought fame.
          Many years have I watched as her needle skill grew.
          In both teaching and knowledge we’re judged now the same.
Liriel and Christaen
          Now as Laurels we humbly do seek boon from you.

Liriel:  For her skill and knowledge
Christaen:  And teaching and fostering of embroidery and needle arts,
Liriel:   We do ask that Fionna nic Alisdair be recognized as a Mistress of the Ancient
and Right Worshipful Order of the Laurel.Read more...Collapse )

          And receive now the dubbing, which by skill have you won
          May you always keep learning and building your skill.    DUBBING RIGHT
Belle:   May you treat all as equals, as you’ve always done.  DUBBING RIGHT
Both:  May this Laurel bring joy, as We know it will.  DUBBING HEAD

Anton:  O arise now good Laurel and go through the world
          Let all know this action was proper and meet.
Belle:  As the Order enfolds you and banner’s unfurled
          May you hear now the cry when strong work is complete.

Laurels:  Ta – da.

Anton:  Let the herald now read forth the words of Our Writ
Which Andrixos, her husband did ably compose
Belle:  Lady Eostre, gold belted with pen and true wit
          Marked Our Words and Our Wills so eternity knows.



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