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February 13th, 2013

Latest travel plans

So I am almost done with my winter trip of doom.
It will be five weekends and four weeks since I have seen snailstichr, and we are both ready for me to be back.
Then I get a weekend off, home kingdom with no trim, a Byzantine event where I get to fight and schmooze.
But then no rest for the wicked, as I get back on the road for 2 wars in the course of three weeks.

Without further ado....

Feb  16  Ymir in Atlantia
Feb 23   Chieftains in Calontir
Feb 24   depart for Estrella
Feb 25  arrive at Estrella
March 3  depart from Estrella
March 5 arrive home
March 8 depart for Gulf Wars
March 17 return from Gulf Wars
March 23  Kingdom Arts and Sciences, Calontir No Trim
March 28 depart for Trimaris
March 30  Trimaris Coronation
early April  spend in Atlanta with aspats
April 6  Meridies Coronation
April 7 return home
April 13 perhaps Gleann Abhann Coronation?
April 20  open for bids
April 27 perhaps Ansteorra Coronation, perhaps Blackstone Raids in Aelethmaerc
May 4 Calontir Crown Three Rivers
May 11 Uncertain, probably Northshield Crown
May 18  Probably Border Raids
May 25  Crown Tourney in Trimaris

Work is moving forward on the website.  When it shows up with a colored background, you can be reasonably certain we have installed the new version.  I am looking forward to it.  There will be at least 150 new trims on it, and I will be able to adjust the stock status of trims, two things I have been unable to do for almost 7 years.

Business has been good on this trip, and I have all of my rental units full.
Things seem to be turning a corner.  I wonder what happens next.



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